Linda and I would like to take the time to acknowledge what a great feeling we have had working with your entire TEAM.  From start to finish, we feel that this has been a first class experience.  Both your crew and the crew from Cherokee were very pleasnt to work with.  With us working right out of the house, we were truly impressed with the caliber of employee's that work with Screenbuilders; no cursing, no loud and distracting noise and they kept the yard cleaned up nicely.   We as the customer can see that your company has great communication skills, that you do not find in very many work places these days.!

- Don & Linda Herman's -

What a pleasent surprise to get home to a beautiful enclosed three season room! It is far more than we ever imagined! Thank you for the excellent work your crew did. We also would like to commend you for leaving the worksite clean and tidy everyday.

- Arlyn Schaap -

We had bought our three season porch from you about a month ago. My wife and I sit in it as much as possible and just want to tell you how pleased we are with the product and the crew that installed our room. We could'nt be more happy!

- Dave Armstrong -

We Love the beautiful room.  Adrian and Jim did a wonderful job, we appreciated seeing them working together and independently.  Chris was very helpful in getting us what we wanted, he had answers to all our concerns.  You have a crew to be proud of.  We'd be happy to show off our room to clients for you...
- The Beck's - Clear Lake -

We have had our screen room one month today.  We just love it, my only regret is that we didn't do it sooner.  we went on vacation from May 11 thru May 20th, the whole time we were gone I wished I was back home in my sunroom.  The crew that came to our home were very professional and respectful.  When they left everything was cleaned up.  It only took 3 days to do all they had to do.  I can't say enough good things about Screenbuilders, from the sales staff to the crew, everyone was great!
- Angela Frerkes -

Our new three season room is complete and we simply want to thank you for your excellance all the way around.  From start to finish from Bryan, Rob, Al and Susan, we received top-notch service, flexibility and a superior product.  Thank you for a job well-done!  Ken has done most of the work here on our acreage, he was very pleased and impressed! We will recommend Screenbuilders hands down!
- Ken & Cheryl Hessenius -

Your crew did an excellent job on our 3-season room and we will recommend their work to anyone.
- Burdelle Knudse -

Thanks so much!  It looks awesome! Nice crew!  Great company!
- Mitzi Benson -

We are SO please with our 3 season room. Most of all, I want to tell you how much we apreciated having Alan Phipps and Heath Ross here to install our new room. They are both very pleasant-and talented workmen. They are neat and clean and know just what to do. And efficient-we could not believe how quickly our construction went up.  Bryan Riedemann was the perfect salesman for a couple old fogies like us. He made everything clear and he sells with enthusiasm that is catching. After his presentation there was NO DOUBT that we had to have the services of Screenbuilders.  He gave us a date for construction to begin and it was just the way he had described it. If you need any references on your product, or your crew - don't hesitate to ask us. The whole project was a very pleasant and prompt experience.
- Nate and Dinny Phipps -

Just a quick note to tell you how happy we are with the screened porch.  We both, and the neighbors love it!   We can't tell you how much we have enjoyed working with Chris.  You need to hire 10 more just like him .  He goes overboard to be helpful and to explain everything.  What a great guy he is.
- The Allens -

I am writing to let you know how pleased we were with the service and product of Screenbuilders in Des Moines. I had signed up for an estimate at a home show in Vet's Auditorium. We received a phone call from Chris who asked if we still wanted an estimate; I somewhat hem-hawed around as we had another estimate recently that was 11,000 dollars. I told Chris we already had the basics and just needed new screens/windows. He asked how many windows and he quickly told me it would be around 4000 dollars. I was astonished and told him we did indeed want an estimate. On the day he arrived he showed us the windows and how they worked. He simply presented the product. After we decided to go head, Chris told us he would return after we had torn down the old screens. After we had torn them down, he came the very next day after working another home show all day and showed us what we needed to do to get the porch ready to be measured for windows. When we were finished, he came over the next day and measured to order the windows. He gave us a time line of when they would be in and installed. It all happened just the way he said it would. Approximately a month after they were installed, the tabs on one of windows broke off; called Chris and he was over the next day and had it fixed.

Needless to say, we have never experienced the kind of service Chris gave us; seldom do you see things happen according to the time frame you are given. We are really enjoying our new screened in porch. I no longer have to worry about raining in, putting up plastic in the winter or our chair cushions getting dirty. If anyone as any questions or would like to see the finished product, please don't hesitate to call us. We are very satisfied customers. Thanks to you and especially Chris for all he did.
- Nancy, Lauren & Ian -

We don't go out to the 3-season room early in the A.M. or we don't get much done the rest of the day.

Being "depression babies" we very seldom purchase any big ticket items at today's prices without suffering some "buyer's remorse", and we can truthfully say that we haven't had the least bit of doubt after installing the 3-season porch by Screenbuilders.

They've been more than helpful in answering all of our questions and the 10 year guarantee plus the very positive comments by friends, who have sent the porch for sometime, is also very reassuring. I can't remember having enjoyed anything as much as we have the porch and we're just getting started.
- Alex Antonovich -

We chose Screenbuilders to help us solve the problem of an un-repairable enclosed porch below an open deck. Their attention to detail and workmanship, plus their use of only the best building materials justified our choice.

Screenbuilders added two 3-season rooms and an open deck to our home and they are really beautiful, and have enhanced the appearance and value of our home. But more importantly, they increased our living space dramatically and we love them! Thank you Screenbuilders!
- Joyce & Wint Fahrenkrog -

In August of 2001, we had Screenbuilders do an open patio for us. We were amazed on how professional they were; in watching them, always cleaning up after themselves and by the time they were done, you would not have known they were here. They were very polite, young men. They even gave me the time of day to take pictures of them as they were working. I do believe I surprised them in doing, not sure if many customers take pictures of workers doing work as they go along.

When they were finished they once again showed us how to open and clean the windows, and how to take them out. We told them we were quite HAPPY with the outcome on how everything looked. The one comment I did make to them was, we can now sit out on our patio and no longer have to fight the bugs at night, as we now can enjoy our patio to the max.

This has turned out to be one of our most favorite rooms in the house. We have to say that since Screenbuilders did the work for us, we have put heat out there, along with all the comforts of life so we can enjoy the view of looking out of the patio. And at Christmas time, everyone wanted to be out there, instead of another room in the house. We highly recommend Screenbuilders for any work you might want done. There are so many options on what they can do for you, for every house is different.
- The Schemmels -

Art and I are thrilled with the completion of our two Screenbuilders porches that you helped us purchase for our new home. They look like a part of the original construction and blend in with the design exactly. You were so helpful in explaining our options and making design suggestions. We appreciate your clear explanations and accurate brochures you have us in planning stages. It made it easier for us to choose the materials and design plans.

The construction crew worked diligently and swiftly to install the rooms and they were finished in less than two days. We are impressed with how sturdy the construction is as well as aesthetically beautiful. Those windows are easy to clean and operate and we can't wait for warmer weather so we can use them on a daily basis.

Once again, it was a pleasure doing business with you and your company and we highly recommend both to anyone interested in bringing the outdoors into their home. We are sure the enjoyment we get from using these rooms over time will certainly be a definite return on our wise investment.
- Art & Eileen Silva -

Earlier this summer we had a Screenbuilders room installed on our house. Since that time we have spent the majority of our free time in our new room. We knew we would enjoy the room when we made the decision to make the initial investment; however, we had no idea that this would be the best house investment we had ever made. Every evening and a great deal of time on the weekend we find ourselves relaxing in our room. It has become a meeting place for family and friends and we are already planning numerous gatherings centered on our room. We haven't even been in our living room long enough to watch television since our room was installed. We have also found the staff and service at Screenbuilders to be excellent. They answered all of our questions and took time to personally visit our home after installation to be sure we were happy with the room. Our only regret is that we didn't look into this addition to our home sooner.
- Michael & Lori Arndt -

Thank you so much for the great job yo all did enclosing my porch.  It looks great.  Several neighbors have commented on the differnce the windows and door make in the look of the house.  The job was completed in a timely manner which was very appreciated.  I will easily recommend Screenbuilders to others.
- Barbara Myszewski -

Thank you so much again for the great work you did for us.  We are so excited about our 'new room' & have no doubt it will be put to good use.  You are tops on our list!
Connie & Eric Bappe
- Connie & Eric Bappe -